In case of renting, HUF 1,000 discount from the total price for those with the Mórahalom City Card and Tourist Card.



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Environmetal friendly sightseeing – It is possible in Mórahalom!

Discover our city, rich nature and sights in the tourist season with the electric SIGHTSEEING ,,Hop On – Hop Off” BUBA Bus.

What does this mean exactly? Get on thebuss, and if you get off in one of the stops, you can just get back on the bus in a later round with the same ticket.

Our bus starts from the St. Elizabeth Mórahalom Spa and stops at the following stops:

• Ezer Év Parkja Maquette Collection / Nagyszéksós Lake

• Buffalo reserve

• KOLO Cultural Center

But you can also request one of our unique BUBA bus "7 days 7 adventures" offers:

• Tanya visit

• Saddle and turn!

• Lakeside tour

• In the footsteps of Sándor Rózsa

• Memories of the Madzag Railway

• Our passion is peppers

• Alsótanya generation

We are also available for special events and programs (12 people / trip) with a special ride!

If you have any questions, please contact us at the following contacts:


phone: +36 (62) 660-710