Both City Cards operate on a QR code. This code can be saved on the smartphone, which exempts from the use of a plastic card. This way the cardholder will always have the card through their smartphone.

To register to the City Card go to the official website of the City Card. After registration the cardholder will get their virtual card through the e-mail they receive. You do not need to download an app to your smartphone to use the card, it is enough to save the card as an imagine on your phone.

The elderly and those who do not use smartphones have the opportunity to print out the City Card. We can provide a plastic card for an environmental protection fee. This can only be done in the Tourinform office in Mórahalom (Mórahalom, Tömörkény street 3) Here you can also request the City Card in person if you fill out a registration sheet.

Only those who have a PERMANENT address in Mórahalom can request the Mórahalom City Card. You must provide a copy of your residence card in order to request a card.

Anyone above the age of 18 can apply for the City Card.

The card is free, it is valid for one year counting from the day of registration.